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Stats, Facts and Interesting Data From The 2021 Census

I love stats as much as the next guy, what I don't love is reading long winded articles. As many of us like to say, get to the point. So, here's a few short and sweet points.

- According to the 2021 census, Canada’s population grew at almost twice the rate of every other G7 country from 2016 to 2021

- About 80% of the country’s population growth over the past five years has resulted from newcomers and the other 20% from natural increase.

- over one-third of Canadians—about 13.1 million people—reside in the country’s three largest CMAs, which include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

- In Canada’s three largest urban centres, the distant suburbs grew at a faster pace than the urban fringe and suburbs situated closer to downtown.

- Suburbs located farthest from downtowns grew at the fastest pace—8.8% over five years.

And there you have it, some dinner table conversation stats to make you seem smart. You're welcome.

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