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It starts with understanding

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Residential Houses


Before you go plugging numbers into a listings generator, let's first determine your core wants and needs. 

Let's start at location. Do you want to be closer to work? Do you need to be near a school? Is walking distance to amenities important?

Now look at house features. Do you want a yard and a view? Do you like to entertain? Is storage a must have?

Now that you've begun the process, you might want to consider some help. Why get a Realtor to help you buy a property? Here's what we can do and why we're important 

This list might help narrow down wants and needs. 

Modern Architecture


Now we can talk numbers. If you haven't already, try talking to a financial advisor to see what range you should be searching in (your purchasing power). Next you can see what's out there and get your bearings. Here you will also determine if you wish to search with and agent or do it on your own. 

Here is an unofficial calculator

Luxurious Home


Now for the fun part, touring homes! 

This stage can take a awhile and be time consuming but it will all be worth it when you find your perfect home. Together we can go over the details of every home, keeping it simple but thorough.

try this,

or this

Purchasing Process: Features


You've found the perfect fit, time to secure it. Now we will discuss conditions, price, deposit, ext and prepare an offer to present. This stage will include negotiating, maybe some counter offers and plenty of paper work (don't worry, we've got this). 

helpful hints when negotiating

home keys


We're almost done. Once an offer has been accepted, some affairs need to be ordered such as financing, a home inspection, reviewing strata where applicable, and finding a lawyer for closing. Once everything is set, it's time to remove the subjects and submit the deposit!

Champagne Bottle


Pop the bubbly and unpack into your new home! Always follow up with further questions that may arise. 

moving checklist

Purchasing Process: Features
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