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Get in contact and set up a free, professional consultation and market evaluation of your home. No strings attached.

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Enter into an agency agreement, and list your house for sale!

This includes setting a price and marketing your home. Heres more about why you should use a Realtor and what we can do for you. 

​Your listing will be placed on a Real Estate Board's MSL System.  Through the Board's MLS System, all other REALTORS® that are members of that Board can find and view information about your property. 

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Staging your property, setting up viewings and preparing for an open house (optional). 
Option for assistance in getting your home "set ready" to peak buyers interests.

6 Steps to Selling: Features
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Meeting Between Colleagues


Reviewing offer(s)

offers are often complex and different, but you'll have help through it all. Here you will get to know the terms, review every detail and decide what's in your best interest.

offers should include:

  •      The buyer's price

  •      Any conditions, with specifications, that may apply or be attached

  •      State the desired date of possession

  •      The date and time the specific offer expires

Some offers will require negotiations and counter offers.

Signing a Contract


Closing the deal. 
You're almost done!
Now that everyone is happy with the decisions made, you can put that sold sign up. This also includes paying closing costs, such as mortgage application fees, inspections, legal fees, insurance, registration and more. This may seem like a lot, but again, you're not alone.

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Pack, clean, move and celebrate! 

You'll want a checklist and a plan for this part as it can be equally as stressful. Consider cancelling cable, internet and other services that may apply. You'll also want to let key contacts know such as doctors, postal services and friends. 

Enjoy your new home! Always reach out with any further questions.

6 Steps to Selling: Features
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