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Bedroom Feng Shui Do's And Don'ts

I am not qualified to explain and describe the complexities of Feng Shui. However, I will say that it's important. Whether you are staging or living, the flow of energy in your home directly relates to your productivity, sleep and enjoyment of your life at home. The way I see it, Feng Shui guides a person around a house and through tasks in the most efficient and pleasant way possible. Here are a few tips for achieving optimal Feng Shui and energy flow in your bedroom.

- Paint your walls earth tones (from deep chocolate browns to light, sandy tones). They're not intrusive and are calming

- Place your bed diagonally and opposite the door. You're not supposed to be able to see out of it laying down

- Try not to put your bed against a wall and have 2 bed side tables for symmetry

- Use a Headboard

- You should also not be able to see in any mirrors while laying down in bed.

- Keep a window open or a small fan blowing for air flow

- Have plants that purify the air such as a snake plant.

- If you have a work desk in your room, try to remove paper work and laptop from eye sight at night.

- Use lamps instead of overhead lighting

- Keep electronics out!

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