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6 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do for Less Than $100

I love a good cost-effective DIY. Here's some weekend inspiration for you.

"As hibernation season begins and our time indoors increases, we naturally begin to think of ways to make our home more comfortable. Home improvement projects can help revitalize your space and create the perfect cozy haven. What’s more, completing these projects early in the season has an added bonus: your home will be refreshed before guests ascend for holiday get-togethers! "

  1. Organize your entry way. First impressions are everything. Purchase or build extra storage like a storage bench or head to facebook marketplace to find a shelf to utilize above head space.

  2. Create an accent wall. Pick one that does not have a door or window on it and can be seen once you enter a room.

  3. upgrade kitchen lighting. Facebook marketplace has some great finds to elevate the mood in your kitchen with a new overhead light or some accent lights for your open shelving.

  4. Great a plant wall. All it takes is a few shelves, some good lighting and your favourite air-purifying plants!

  5. Purchase some floor length curtains for that one massive window. And maybe a nice metal curtain rod. They're a small detail that speaks volumes for a room.

  6. Kitchen organizers! I LOVE when people have pots and pans hanging from ceiling racks, or open shelves with their fancy appliances on display. It's modern plus you won't lose or forget what you have.

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