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5 easy tips that make a big difference when preparing for viewings or photos.

I see a lot of houses... heres what catches my eye (or doesn't). There are more things you could do, like spend hours weeding the garden or painting all the walls, or having your home staged, but these are 5 EASY tips you don't want to miss.

  • Hide your clutter. No one will know that it's all in a box labelled "random" under the stairs. The photos will look less busy and the viewers will not be distracted. This makes a big difference in photos. Take the image below for example. What do you notice about it? hopefully the fancy walls and unique flooring. Thats what we want buyers to see.

  • Sweep the entrance and rake the front lawn. First impressions are VERY important. Don't skip this step. While you're at is, take the mail in and put away any shoes, umbrellas or jackets laying around by the front door. Looking tidy signifies a house being well kept.

  • Take down personal photos. This one is common knowledge, I know your photos are super cute but just do it.

  • Light a candle/ make is smell nice. I'm going to repeat this because it's very important. Make your home smell neutral or give it a gentle scent like lavender.

  • Clean the corners. Buyers can be nosey, so of course clean the counters and sweep but made sure you get in the corners, on top of the trim, etc. Attention to detail will make the buyer believe the house is well kept. Better yet, higher a cleaner. They're not terribly expensive and save you A LOT of time.

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